Using Ideas From Magazines For Decorating With Plants
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Using Ideas From Magazines For Decorating With Plants

Home magazines do the finest job of presenting ideas for decorating with plants.

Magazines can show examples on how to decorate. For instance, there may be a picture of a fireplace (with a roaring fire) flanked by a pair of juniper trees pruned into spiral shapes. The photograph may have led the uninformed to assume that junipers will grow indoors (which they won't) or that they would survive next to a blazing fire (which they wouldn't), but the scene exemplified the use of plants as pure decoration. That's what it's all about. To look at pictures and get really unique ideas on how to decorate your home interiors with plants, but you need to be practical.

There is nothing wrong with this approach using home magazines for decorating ideas, as long as you know that such plants can stay by the fireside for only a short period without dehydrating, wilting, or burning. Then they must be placed somewhere else to grow-in a greenhouse or on a patio with full sunlight and good air circulation.

Magazines can afford to decorate perfectly because they can rent or buy greenery just for the photography session. The editors and photographers don't have to worry about the future of the plants; they can arrange them how and where they will look best. But can the home decorator or plant grower be equally cavalier with houseplants? Well, yes and no. You can decorate with plants the way magazines do, but you will still have to make arrangements to provide appropriate plant care. This may mean having two locations: one where the plant looks best and another, possibly in a different part of the house, where it grows best.

When you are looking through magazines, look at the location of the plant in the picture. Then you can design your plants in your home effectively by deciding where you'd like to locate your plants in regards to light or other practical considerations. Ask yourself if you would like to see a plant arching out from behind a favorite table and chair combination, or at the end of the sofa to soften a hard edge? Would you like to flank a doorway with a matched pair of plants to create a sense of formality? Or perhaps you've seen a really pretty picture in a magazine that gave you the idea to put a small plant on a desk or a bookshelf or in the middle of the dining table, to add warmth and serenity to your home.

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Comments (2)

I grow plants so I often take them in for awhile to use as temporary decor. Evergreens will do well if used less than a week inside during the dead of winter. Keep them well hydrated and place them back outside in a protected area. Bury the pots in soil or pile up mulch around the pots.

Excellent article Tracy. Well done. Voted up.