Review of Glade Scented Candles: Angel Whispers and Crisp Waters
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Review of Glade Scented Candles: Angel Whispers and Crisp Waters

Glade makes scented candles in a variety of fragrances. My review of two beautiful Glade candles scents: Angel Whispers and Crisp Waters.

Glade makes a variety of scents in 4 ounce candles. Angel Whispers, one of my favorite candle scents of all time, and Cool Waters, a scent I recently tried for the first time, are two very different fragrances. Glade makes candles with a scent for everyone, from flowery and sweet aromas to earthly and herbal scents, to delicious apples, vanilla,  and other food fragrances.

Glade Scented Candles

These 4 ounce Glade candles are infused with essential oils and are said to burn up to 22 hours. They are made from lead-free wick and come in clear glass or frosted glass containers with a thin plastic lid. (Do not use the lid to extinguish the candles by placing it on top. It could catch fire, and there are air holes in the lids.)

Some may find it very convenient and appealing that the sticker labels can be peeled off the candles with ease. This helps the candles blend into any decor without looking cheap.

Even without having the candle lit it still emits a decent fragrance that fills a small area. When lit, the candle can scent an entire room. My entire first floor of my home smells delicious when I have one or two of these candles lit, and my house is a pretty big one. One or two candles would be enough to fill a small to medium size apartment.

I've typically seen the candles cost between $2.50 and $4.50, and they're widely available at a number of grocery stores, department stores, sometimes discount stores, and online.

These candles are small looking, but they are some of my favorites because the aromas are very pleasing and they do last a long time, despite their size. Glade Scented Candle: Angel Whispers scent

Glade Scented Candles: Angel Whispers

The Angel Whispers Glade Scented Candle has white wax. The label is mostly white with some pink and white flowers near the middle. The word "Glade" is written in what appears to be a cursive font in a deep blue color near the top of the label, and the words "Angel Whispers" is written in pink and white on a pink banner in all capital letters near the bottom of the label.

Angel Whispers is one of my most favorite candles ever! It has a sweet floral scent that is very pleasing to me. The scent is described as a "light romantic fragrance of a freshly bloomed bouquet."

One candle fills a fair sized space with a wonderful scent for hours. As I mentioned earlier, even without it lit I can still smell the candle from a couple feet away as it fills even a small space with it's fragrance without the fire. I can light this candle many times for many hours and it lasts a really long time, so I appreciate this and it makes the price feel fair, if not a bargain for such a delightful smell!

Glade Scented Candles: Crisp Waters

The Crisp Waters Glade Scented Candle is a newer scent variety; it has blue wax and a blue and white label. The Glade logo is the same on this label, in deep blue cursive letters near the top. Near the middle of the label is some splashing water, and near the bottom are the words "Crisp Waters" in white and blue capital letters on a blue banner. Near the bottom it says the candle is "infused with essential oils."

Glade Scented Candle: Crisp WatersThe Crisp Waters scent is described on the Glade website as "a secluded mountain spring. The waters are crystal clear and inviting." I think it does smell like fresh crisp rain or a stream in the spring, and is reminiscent of a salt water smell, or the ocean.

More Glade Products

In addition to making scented candles, including soy candles, Glade also manufactures solid air fresheners, plug in scented oils, spray air fresheners, carpet products, and more in a variety of scents.

Glade is a division of S. C. Johnson and Son, Inc, based out of Racine, Wisconsin. The Glade scented candles I reviewed were made in Canada. Of course, candles should never be burned unattended or near anything that can catch fire, nor around children or pets.


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Comments (2)

I find that these smell good for along time but don't seem to keep the scent when lit over a long period of time. Nice article though.

I love scented candles - good review Bethany.