Online Custom Canvas Printing Services Review & Comparison
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Online Custom Canvas Printing Services Review & Comparison

In this report

Custom printed canvases are a unique way to decorate any space. Photographs of sentimental moments, accomplishments, or simply something you think looks cool can be transformed into a dynamic and colorful canvas print. Shoppers can find a number of sizes, color styles, special effects and finishes to choose from.

 BestCanvas, Canvas Lifestyle and Canvas People are all online providers of custom canvas printing services. Each offers a similar kind of service with differing reputations, price structures, and ordering procedures. When choosing between custom canvas printing services, it is important to keep in mind the quality and overall value of each product offered.

#1 - BestCanvas

Pros of Choosing BestCanvas

  • Quality of Product
    The prints produced by BestCanvas are of a great quality. The use of gallery wrapping on each canvas allows consumers to hang finished products without a frame to cover edges. The ink used in the prints is reputed to retain its brilliance and clarity for 75 years. 
  • Competitive Pricing
    BestCanvas's pricing, especially when compared to the quality of the printed canvas product, is highly competitive. Shoppers on a budget may be able to afford a larger, more impressive custom printed canvas by taking advantage of the frequent sales and discounts that further reduce the affordable pricing from BestCanvas. 
  • Eco-Friendly
    Sustainable materials, renewable energy and a lack of chemical solvent use sets BestCanvas apart from its competitors as an eco-friendly printing service.  
  • Variety of Canvas Options
    The catalog of canvas sizes, finishes, and effects avialable from BestCanvas is impressive, but not uncommon among competitors.
    Digital images can be printed in black and white, in an oil painting or pencil sketch style, with highly saturated color, or with an antiqued sepia finish. Moreover, these effects can be added for no additional cost.
    There is a wide variety of canvas sizes to choose from, as well. Photos can even be split up among three separate canvas panels. The myriad options opens the door for shoppers to create a truly custom piece of art.

Cons of Choosing BestCanvas

  • Unframed
    BestCanvas does not offer framing. The gallery wrapping used on the canvas prints does mean you do not need to frame the pieces prior to hanging, but some consumers like the look of a framed work of art that they designed. 
  • Negative Reviews
    Those who read reviews for online services prior to placing an order will find negative reivews for BestCanvas. Bad feedback is bound to happen to every company, and it appears that the compaints on delivery and product satisfaction are resolved by BestCanvas when they arise.  

BestCanvas Pricing

  • Most expensive canvas printing:
    $339.90 for a 60"x48" 3-panel split printing
  • Least expensive canvas printing: 
    $29.00 for an 8"x8" square printing
  • Shipping Costs:
     $14.90 flat fee (standard U.S. delivery)
     $39.90 flat fee (standard Hawaii delivery)
    $39.90 flat fee (2-day delivery)
#2 - Canvas Lifestyle

Pros of Choosing Canvas Lifestyle

  • Variety of Canvas Options
    Canvas Lifestyle offers custom canvas photo printing in a number of sizes and shapes. Square, landscape, panoramic and split panel canvas prints can be ordered. Different coloring and style effects can be added at no additional cost. The sizing and effect options are nearly identical to what BestCanvas has to offer, however.  
  • Most File Formats Accepted 
    Customers can upload a wider range of file formats and sizes with Canvas Lifestyle than with most competitors. Files can be .jpg, .psd, .png, .tif, or .gif formats between 175KB and 30MB in size. Most custom canvas printing services are much more limited in the formats and sizes of files users are capable of uploading to be printed.
  • User-Friendly Website
    The Canvas Lifestyle website is easy to use and simply to understand. The steps for uploading, customizing and ordering printed canvases is spelled out on the homepage and througout the ordering process. A small pricetag icon clearly displays the quoted price while shoppers choose size and shape of their canvas. 

Cons of Choosing Canvas Lifestyle

  • More Expensive
    Compared to leading competitors, custom canvas printing through Canvas Lifestyle is more expensive. This is most evident when compared to BestCanvas, which offers nearly identical service options at lower prices. This is a concern for shoppers concerned with both the price and value of their printed canvas purchase.
  • Lower Quality
     Canvas Lifestyle does not have a good consumer reputation for the quality of its canvas prints. The canvas itself, gallery wrapping, packaging, and photo duplication have all been called into question by actual users. Many customer reviews mention less than perfect color quality, distortion in the gallery wrapping edges, and dissatisfaction with the sturdiness of the stretched canvas.
  • Unreachable Customer Service
     Unhappy customers have reported difficulty reaching Canvas Lifestyle customer service representatives. Many Canvas Lifestyle shoppers have had a hard time getting responses to emails and phone calls. The Better Business Bureau reports that all filed complaints have been closed, but research into consumer reviews elsewhere indicates more negative experiences that remain unresolved.

Canvas Lifestyle Pricing

  • Most expensive canvas printing:
    $359.00 for a 60" x 48" 3-panel split print
  • Least expensive canvas printing:
    $39.00 for an 8" x 8" square printing
  • Shipping costs: 
    Free shipping on orders over $120
    $9.95 flat fee 
#3 - Canvas People

Pros of Choosing Canvas People

  • Framing Available
    Canvas People offer shoppers the option of adding a frame to their custom printed canvas. Many other canvas printing service providers do not offer this upgrade, and many shoppers enjoy adding the special touch of a nice frame to their hung art.
  • Upfront Information
    All over the website and throughout the ordeirng process, Canvas People provide a lot of useful information. Most customers shopping with Canvas People aren't experts in transforming a digital image into an image printed into strecthed canvas. Ink variances, technical statistics, and other helpful information is presented to shoppers upfront and in layman terms.
  • User-friendly
    Along with answers to any questions shoppers may have, Canvas People makes the upload, cropping, and editing process extremely user-friendly. Practical size comparisons, push-button uploading, and clear pricing makes the Canvas People upload and ordering steps simple to complete. 

Cons of Choosing Canvas People

  • Limited Selection
    Compared to similar canvas printing services, Canvas People have a very limited catalog of canvas sizes, shapes, and finishing effects to choose from. Unlike both Canvas Lifetyle and BestCanvas, shoppers cannot order split print canvases and have far fewer sizes at their disposal. 
  • Fees for Effects
    The special finishing effects, like black and white or sepia color styles, add to the cost of ordering a custom printed canvas with Canvas People. Similar canvas printers do not charge an additional fee for these photo effects. Touch-ups that other printers include as standard procedure also add to the pricetag. These add-on charges can increase the cost of shopping with Canvas People beyond a customer's set budget.
  • Quality Issues
    The most common customer complaint in regards to Canvas People has to do with the overall quality of their product. Despite a small ink color variance chart available on the Canvas People FAQ page, customers have commented on the unacceptable coloring of Canvas People photo prints. 

Canvas People Pricing

  • Most expensive canvas printing:
    $109.99 for a 24" x 36" print
  • Least expensive canvas printing:
    $24.99 for an 8" x 10" print
  • Cost of effects & touch-up
     Touch-up: $4.95
    Black and White, Sepia, Enhanced Color: $9.95
    "Pop Art": $19.95 
  • Framing cost:
    $14.95- $24.95 
  • Shipping:
    Shipping and handling fee on every order: $19.95 flat fee (currently waived via promotion)
    +$12.95 flat fee (5-7 business day expedited delivery, after processing)
    +$18.95 flat fee (3-5 business day priority delivery, after processing) 
The Bottom Line

BestCanvas lives up to its name by standing out among competitors. The service, products, and pricing offered by BestCanvas makes it the best choice for custom canvas printing when compared to Canvas Lifestyle and Canvas People.

Canvas Lifestyle has an extremely similar catalog of products and accepts more file formats, but is more expensive and has more negative customer reviews than BestCanvas. Canvas People have framing services, something the other two competitors do not, but are limited in canvas sizes and charge several add-on fees. For these reasons, BestCanvas is the best online custom canvas printing service among these three.

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Comments (4)

Good job, Dawn -- tweeted.

Nice job on this comparison.

Unreachable customer service would definitely be a deal breaker for me. I have had some local work done using this process and it is a lovely way to display art and family photos especially with the gallery wrap edges.

You have done a good job on this article. There are so many good companies to buy photo canvas. I love to decorate my home with canvas art. They are affordable and gives a stylish look to the walls of your home.