Interior Design Styles and Ideas
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Interior Design Styles and Ideas

In the exciting world of interior design, there are many different categories and styles that are as diverse as customers’ interests. A few of the major types of interior design include residential home design, commercial design, accessible design and environmental (or green) design. Everybody wants their living space to be unique.

To design a space that fills both your needs and your desires it's essential to choose a designer who has experience working in the style of interior design you prefer. This can also help, greatly, in keeping up within a budget.

Let's take a look at some of the types of interior design.

* Home / Residential Design

The art and science of designing living spaces falls into the wide category of home and residential design. Getting the maximum comfort, luxury and utility out of houses, apartments and rooms (click here to find out moreis the aim of residential designers. Different factors for the to consider come into play such as the size of the family living in the space, need for room for storage, and other individual concerns that can vary greatly. A big part of your designer's job is to ensure that your residence ends up representing your worldview and lifestyle.

* Commercial Interior Design

Businesses, restaurants and hotels, offices and lobbies and other commercial spaces are the focus of commercial interior design. The need for the business's equipment to be smoothly incorporated into the space and for customers to be able to move freely and comfortably are just two of the factors a great commercial designer deeply considers.

* Accessible Design For Special Needs

There's a growing number of designers who specialize in spaces that are accessible to people with special physical needs. Bathrooms, kitchens, work areas and other spaces are created that allow maximum function to those in wheelchairs or with other mobility concerns are one of the focuses of accessible needs.

* Environmental Green Design

Many people want to have their designs done in as much of a environmentally friendly manner as possible, using only Eco-friendly material, designs and minimizing their environmental impact (if any). Often designers who specialize in these types of interior design have experience in both residential and commercial green design areas and offer both services.

* Budget Interior Design

Frugal, low cost interior design is a reality many designers are well adapted to working with. Staying on budget, making use of already existing materials and offering services like design consults in addition to full interior designs are areas that interior designers who work within this category are adept in.

We can see there's many types of interior design, that vary according to a client's interests and focus. It's very wise when the time comes to hire an interior designer to match your product with the experience they hold in the past and with the style of design they specialize in. Never hesitate to ask many questions and to look at examples of a interior designs previous work.

Here are a few more creative design ideas:

Everyone wants to add a personal touch and make their home unique. Most of the times, finding creative ideas to create a comfortable and enjoyable décor can turn into a daunting task. Modern concepts and designs are now a general trend and a lot of homeowners have focused on revamping their interiors to match a contemporary style. Starting with tiny decorations to huge redesigns, original ideas are easy to find and just a few tips can go a long way. Design concepts are not set in stone but they are a good starting point for the ones that need some creative ideas.

1. Outdoor Room Designs

Space is a big concern for every home owner. When there is a general impression that inside space is not enough, creating an outdoor room can ameliorate the problem. Such home designs usually require an opening to a garden or backyard. The core idea is to continue decorating certain parts of the exterior to match the inside. Wooden flooring ( is usually a popular choice. The interior and the exterior can use the same type of wood with identical patterns to give a false impression that the room has been expanded.

2. Multipurpose Furniture

Outdoor room designs are not the only way to save space. Multifunctional furniture can have multiple benefits besides their visual contribution to the theme of the room. Some couches can hide some storage space that can be used to save a few square feet. Multitask furniture is a great design idea that can save money and it can provide a practical storage solution.

3. Decorations In Odd Numbers

This new design concept relies on the use of small decorations, accessories and even furniture in odd numbers. The idea is to avoid symmetry and redundancy by grouping design elements into batches of threes or fives. Simple elements such as candles, ceramic decorations and even chairs can be placed in a room but instead of using two or four, they can be grouped as three. Additionally, furniture elements can contain geometrical shapes to reflect this asymmetrical décor such as three sided tables.

4. Using White As A Theme Color

The color choice for the furniture, walls and decorations can have a significant impact. Picking the wrong one can ruin the entire design. Sometimes certain elements look better only in a certain color. Ultra-contemporary looks rely on an excessive use of white. The best design combinations are usually obtained by mixing multiple shades in order to create texture and depth in the room. In this bright and modern environment, the use of accent colors is considered a manifestation of creativity and good taste. These drops of color in white rooms can be changed based on the season or holiday. Christmas is a great opportunity to use some small red elements here and there to match the theme of the holiday.

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