How To Make A Small Room or Space Appear Larger
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How To Make A Small Room or Space Appear Larger

This article was written as a response to the question: What are few tricks for making small spaces look bigger, airier and more stylish?
This is an article for anyone who has a small room or space in their home that they would like to make feel and look larger. There are several things that you can do to maximize the amount of space you have. There are other changes you can make to fool the eye and make the room or space look larger than it is.

De-clutter the room.

To make any room look bigger clean it well. Put everything away, in it’s place. Never allow clutter to build up on your shelves, coffee table, dresser, desk, etc. Clutter makes a room look smaller than it actually is.

Let some light in.

Take down all heavy drapes. Dark colored curtains will also make a room or space look smaller than it actually is. Add lighter, lace or sheer curtains to each window in the room or space to make the room look larger. Natural sun light will also help to make a room or space appear larger. When a room is under lit it can appear smaller than it is. Darkness seems to close in on things.

Remove furniture.

To make a small space or room have more floor space and appear larger remove any big and bulky items that do not fit into that space well. If you can move large pieces of furniture to another room you will maximize the space you have in the smaller room. Likewise, rearranging furniture that cannot be removed from the room or space will also help to create more usable space.

Paint the room a lighter color.

Dark wall colors and wall papers can make a room or space look and feel smaller than it actually is. Remove everything from the room or space. Lay a painters tarp down on the floor to avoid getting paint on your flooring. Use painters tape around windows and door frames, and at the top and bottom of each wall. Apply a coat of primer so that your paint color will be light and bright over the old darker color. Once the primer is dry apply a coat of a light colored latex paint. Allow that coat 2 hours to dry then apply a second coat. Once the second coat of paint is dry remove painters tape. Place everything back into the room or space and enjoy the new larger feel the room has.

Replace dark flooring

Dark colored carpeting or wood flooring can really make a room feel smaller than it actually is. If your dark flooring is hardwood it will be hard to replace it. Instead, cover it with a light bright linoleum or throw rug. If the dark flooring is old carpeting consider tearing it out and replacing it with a new lighter, beige or tan shade. A light colored floor can make a room or space feel a whole lot larger.

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