How to Hang a Hammock
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How to Hang a Hammock

How to hang your Hammock. Different types of Hammocks.

There are a lot of hammocks which are available today. They are of different sizes and made up of various materials. If one wants to purchase these hammocks, the selection must be made according to the needs and the installation location of the place where it is to be set up.

The most common place for a Hammock is between two trees, but nowadays a hammock can be erected at virtually any place which has two supports for its hanging or even a ceiling. They can be erected on any surface or at any location in your house or outside your house.

The perfect places to hang a hammock are:

• Tree and building

• Tree and post in concrete flooring

• Two buildings

• Between two trees

• On porches and decks

• Factory built stands

The first thing is how to hang a hammock correctly?

  • Let us discuss how to hang a common hammock in between two trees.
  • See to it that the trees have a minimum 12 inches of diameter.
  • The posts of the trees should not be rotten or cracked.
  • The trees should not be of softwood.
  • The distance between the trees should be atleast 13-feet apart. One can use a chain or rope to extend the handing points.
  • The extension should be made of the same length on both the sides and should not extend beyond 18 inches on either side. This is because the tipping of the hammock increases the further you go on extending the hammock points.
  • The ideal distance for a hammock to be above the ground is 6 to 8’.

There are other types of hammocks along with the traditional tree ones. These are the hammocks which have spreader bars and these can be installed easily. These types of hammocks are more comfortable and even wider in space.

If you are using a spreader bars for your hammock, keep in mind that closer you hang a hammock, the higher off the ground it should be and vice-versa i.e. further spreader bar, closer to the ground. Similarly, in using the spreader bars, the height of the hammock from the ground should be 4-5’ feet above the ground.

But people mostly prefer the hammocks which are without the spreader bars, the main advantages being that without spreader bars the hammocks are more flexible to use and can be easily used as camping hammocks. Also they can be erected in a variety of setting. Before buying a hammock, these small details should be taken into consideration as to where you want to place the hammock and what do you want from it. This may vary from sleeping under a cool tree shade or on a porch in your house.

When you are setting up a hammock on posts, see to it that the holes should be at least two feet deep. If it is a sandy soil, the holes should be dug deeper. After digging the hole, place the post in the middle and then fill the area with cement and let it dry for 2 to 3 days. Your hammock can then be installed on these posts.

Installing a hammock with hooks:

For installing a hammock on walls with hooks, the following procedure is to be followed:

  • Drill a 3/16” (0.5 cm) deep hole in the surface. If you don’t have a drill, go for the traditional hammer and nail.
  • Screw the hooks and see to it that they are firm and connects with the surface. On the other hand, don’t over-tighten it as it will bend the screws. See to it that the screws are fixed on the side facing the hammock.
  • After fixing the screws, use one or two lengths chain and S-hooks as necessary. Then measure the length of the chain with the hammock and its desired height. The chain should not be twisted as it may weaken the chain.
  • See to it that the hammock is not too tight as it increases the load on the screw and support. Also ensure that the chain is 25 degrees to the hammock when in use.
  • Ensure that the screws are fitted 5-6’ above the ground surface for flexibility of distance.
  • If it seems that the hammock is too low, raise the hooks for hanging and if they seem to be too tight or high, attach a length of chain between screw and S-hook.

Take these tips whenever you go for buying your new hammock.

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