Bringing Nature Into Your Home ..
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Bringing Nature Into Your Home ..

It is fairly easy to build a patio or a covered room in any convenient area of your garden.ItÂ’s truly amazing how a small space can be transformed into a stunning feature of your house .

It’s truly  amazing how a small space can be transformed into a stunning feature of your house . With a little imagination,and not much expenditure one can transform an odd corner of the garden or some extra outer space into a verandah or a balcony, which  can become a striking feature of your home, drawing your attention from the interior of the house, and creating a feel of extra space.One can also enjoy the verandah or patio in many other ways all through the year..

A few years ago when we bought our  house, an old house that needed repairs and renovation , the main attraction for us was the garden around it and some lovely seasonal flowering trees which were apparently more than 50 years old. It took us more than a year to make the house completely livable  . As we got used to living in the now new house ,we realised that there was not much space outside either in the front or in the backyard of the house to carry out any kind of additions.The only space available was to the side of the house .The site is an odd shaped one with an elongated portion, where there are a couple of really old flowering trees that I mentioned earlier , some really attractive hibiscus flower plants and a lot of potted plants. Since we were keen on having a verandah we decided to extend the dining room and add a patio by the side of it.

It is very easy to construct a verandah or a patio without much investment.  A half wall measuring 2 feet high built all round the space marked out for building the verandah.. For the roof,  A few Cement sheets to be placed on metal grids and screwed down which took just 2 days to complete. For more light and sunshine , a few square pieces were cut on the cement sheets . This had to be done by professionals , and Glass squares were placed and glued on to the cement sheets .  Something new  was tried out for the outside wall of the patio ,as recommended by a friend involved in the  green movement. Red mud was mixed with powdered lime stone and very little cement and water was added to make a thick mixture  , and this was painted on to the short 2 feet wall around the patio. It turned a greyish brown after it dried and looked very earthy and attractive, just right for an outdoor space blending with the lush surroundings, besides being very economical...With pootted plants , comfortable bamboo furniture, colourful cushions and jute mats the patio has become a favorite place of the family to unwind and relax 

Some possible uses for the Balcony or verandah.

Potted plants and hanging baskets creating a splash of color can add a nice finishing touch to any Verandah or Patio, making it warm and welcoming - with a little bit of knowledge of what grows at what time of the year it is possible to have a gorgeous looking indoor gardening all year round.

 Depending on the amount of space available one might decide to use the area for  outdoor entertaining, eating outside, for growing cut flowers, to use as a kitchen garden, or mostly for aesthetics , just to make the building look good from outside, or to provide a feature to look at from inside. 

If the balcony or Verandah has a roof , then one has to carefully select the type of plants to grow inside the balcony.Roofs will no doubt provide protection against harsh weather such as frost or strong winds, but,  they will also restrict the amount of natural rainfall reaching the plants, requiring you to undertake more regular watering. Roofs may also restrict the amount of light reaching rooms adjacent to the balcony or verandah, and reduce the light available to the plants..

Getting the maximum use of the available space.

This can be achieved by using window boxes hanging on the outside of the balustrade, or by  attaching hanging baskets from the roof above the balcony.

If space allows, one  can also consider adding a BBQ, some outdoor furniture, feeders or baths to attract birds. Bird feeders might also be hung from trees adjacent to the balcony or verandah to attract birds so that it is close for your viewing. Lights and lamps can also be hung from adjacent trees, or small spotlights attached to the building to highlight certain favorite spots at night time...

Gates can also be installed to make it more private and becomes a safety feature when there are little children around.

An attractive, well built verandah will invariably add value to one's house, usually by far more than the original cost of the verandah.  It is fairly easy to build a patio or a verandah in any convenient area of one's garden .One can do this with the bare minimum of expenditure by going in for environmentally friendly materials and turning any drab outdoor space into an attractive outdoor living area...Having a verandah added to your home is no doubt a major decision to make, and it can totally transform the way you use your house, making it far more interesting and attractive..

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Comments (7)

it sure does

Outdoor living areas are great.

I dont have to bring nature into my home.. I live in the country, and my 4 house cats are always bringing it in for me..(they like to roll on the cut lawn and bring it indoors.....

LOL must be an idyllic life in the country, not many of us are that lucky :)

you seem to be a good house remodeling expert. good article.

highly informative

lovely article! I love the out doors in doors!