Beach Home Decor
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Beach Home Decor

The three categories of beach home decor and how to incorporate them into your home decor design.

Beach home décor is a great way to infuse an interior space with color, texture and a subtle theme. Whether you live a stone’s throw from the ocean or in a landlocked state, beach home décor can give your living room, bedroom, kitchen and more a serene, colorful and sometimes whimsical facelift.

The Impressions of Beach Décor

There are several directions you can go in once you decide on a beach theme for your home décor. Nautical, tropical or oceanic are the primary categories of design you will be confronted with while shopping. Understanding the difference and which suits your style best is key to completing a polished, put together final product rather than something that looks crowded or scattered.


Beach home décor with a nautical tilt will use graphics and textures reminiscent of boats and boating. Colors to look out for while shopping for nautical items are traditional whites, navy blues and accent pops of bright reds. With nautical design the most important elements will be the accents or accessory pieces you choose. Lighthouses, anchors with patina and ship sails all make fantastic nautical beach décor items that will tie together the look of your room.


Tropical beach home décor is all about creating a beach oasis in line with the resorts of Hawaii, Fiji or Tahiti. Unlike nautical design, color choices are a lot freer with tropical home décor and are a better fit for less traditional design aesthetics. Larger items like focal point furniture, walls and light fixtures should stay in neutral tones like light browns, beige and very subdued greens. Accents are where you can let your color imagination venture further. Live flowers are the best way to convey a tropical theme along with pops of pink, orange and animal prints like zebra.


Home décor that falls under the realm of oceanic design is meant to bring the expansive and beautiful wonders of the ocean right into your home. Deep blues, fish and natural elements are the cornerstones of oceanic beach home décor. Oceanic home décor is a combination of the weathered details of nautical design combined with the earth tones and boldly colored accents found in tropical home décor. For the best, most professional looking, end products choose equal parts sandy colored focal points with different shades of blue. Accessories are a great place to get creative, incorporating underwater inspired elements like coral and marine life.

Photos provided via MorgueFile users clarita, charmaineswart and chamomile

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Great site you've got here. I have been browsing on different sites on decors and I just ran into yours. There's nothing like a good coastal decor and I'm looking forward to get advice from you. anyway, I am actually transferring to a new house and I need your words to help me with my decors. I found a great site for window blinds though in this site, I was hoping if you could check it out and tell me what you think. I need some good advice from a expert on this. Hope to hear from you!

Love your article. I just ran into the link on facebook. Excellent job.