Avoidable Mistakes While Painting And Designing Your House
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Avoidable Mistakes While Painting And Designing Your House

The things one should do when doing up a home are talked about endlessly. Now a quick reckoner on the opposite – WHAT NOT TO DO..??

The things one should do when doing up a home are talked about endlessly. Now a quick reckoner on the opposite – WHAT NOT TO DO..??

Your home is your personal space, so don’t allow other people or what they think dictate what you should keep in your home. If you need help, ask for suggestions from friends whose homes you like or appreciate, or may be even take professional help, but when the time comes to make decisions they should be yours. Its your home and you should feel comfortable with the choices.

There will be always be that one person who will look astounded at the colors or patterns you choose – do not get swayed by their expressions. If you like a certain print, colour or texture, go ahead and use it. The boldness of your home and personality should not be dictated to by other people’s ideas.

Just a word of caution here – be judicious in your use of statement marking décor. It will stand out all the more suited to showcase it.

Choose fabric, carpet, and upholstery first, before you think of wall paint. You can buy paint in every colour under the sun. in fact, you can have paint mixed in any imaginable colour you might want.

Just a word of caution, the sample and the whole wall of a fluorescent color might differ greatly. Try any colour with a smaller can on a small part of a wall or even just paint a piece of cardboard and tape it on the walls in the room where you plan to use the color.

The colours that might look good in the store lightning may just pale when seen in daylight or in the lights at home – always ask for samples or swatches of the material to get an idea. This will save a whole lot of expense and wastage of materials and time.

There is a definite imagery of colors and the psychology behind them has been written about extensively. Be different but do not forget the basics. Blue and green are more claiming and relaxing. Choose red or orange for play rooms or family rooms where there are lots of actions taking place. Select a color scheme to create the atmosphere you want in the room.

Color undertones can also make a huge difference to the finished product – so match your whites and creams, reds or blues – whatever the color … Go deeper into the hue tint to understand that tones can be same for different colors.

Don’t invest in trends as trends come and go. The best compromise in this case would be to invest in cheaper trendy piece that will not break the bank when you have to throw them out; as throw them out you will have to eventually! Do not buy any expensive piece of rubbish that will last only for the season and then look so terribly dated that it can pull down the whole house with it!

Everyone has exciting furniture that doesn’t match anything else…mismatched furniture can e a problem, especially when you have had it all your life or inherited it. Get rid of it if you do not like it, use it if you do but tie in with your décor by a single color or upholstery. Try painting it with single color, just to make it blend in with the rest of the space.

Every artefact in your power need not to be displayed all at once – take it a little bit at a time, make groupings or lists of things that go together and put them away together. Change your collection from time to time. You’ll be glad when it’s time to dust!!

These are simple common sense remedies and approach to doing up your own space. Make your own way forward, keeping in mind the very basics of design – comfort and common sense.


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